Creating Predictable Revenue Streams


“I met Tom last year via LinkedIn through a common acquaintance. Since then, I have reached out to Tom on a number of occasions to seek his advice and counsel. What is remarkable about Tom is not the quality of his input (which by any measure is first rate), but his willingness to make the effort when it was obvious that there was no benefit to him. Tom is clearly a leader of great personal integrity. It is impossible to review Tom’s professional history and not be impressed by his depth of experience. I have learned, however, that it is his generosity that makes him truly unique.”

 — James Barrette
Sales Executive, enVista

“From a public relations consultant’s perspective, working with SecurUs360 is a positive experience. Specifically, Tom Fedro at SecurUs 360 leads his team as if we all were in the Super Bowl every week…pushing hard with a hands-off approach, but providing all the support when requested, to accomplish the goals. He has an open-door policy and is always open to suggestions. One of the practices Tom employs is encouraging his PR representative to be at his staff meetings; this is invaluable to be an effective communicator for our clients—it allows us to catch pertinent information we may see as an opportunity to create news for the company. I highly recommend engaging SecurUs360 for anyone wishing to increase their revenues and grow their company.”

— Deanne Hollis-DeGrandpre
President, Main Street Public Relations


“Tom is not only a detail-oriented person, but his endless energy and passion also make him a great person to work with. His professional experience and vision make him the person you can count on and can always expect to receive a good return on the project he supervised. I’ll rate Tom 11/10 as my manager.”

Kevin Yang
Finance Manager, FarStone Technology


“I really enjoyed working for Tom. He is a great leader and team builder. He knows how to structure, hire, motivate and manage a sales team. Tom also navigates well inside a company and provides insight and excellent sales strategy to prospective clients. Tom offers any company seasoned and successful senior executive skills.”

— Sandy MacDougall
Vice President, Fidelity National Information Services

“Tom came into FarStone with an ambitious vision – in less than 2 years, move from losing millions of dollars as an obscure, retail oriented, box software business into a profitable, nimble technology company focused on delivering world class solutions to the biggest OEMs in the business. He succeeded, landing customers like Intel, Trend Micro, AOL, Phoenix Technologies and others. With this new direction, our PR firm was able to secure analyst briefings with Gartner, IDC, Jupiter and others while gaining media coverage in Infoworld, eWeek, CRN, PCWorld, NetworkWorld etc… making FarStone a “source” in the data security space. Bottom line, Tom delivered! He is a great leader and the kind of client we in the Public Relations business love to work with.”

— Beverly Lages
President, Lages & Associates, Inc.


“Tom is visionary in putting together business plans to grow company revenues through the development of multiple sales and marketing channels. He is an exceptional leader in developing teams and supervising the execution of strategy. I worked for Tom as his marketing manager for 3+ years and I’m honored to be back working with him again.”

Don Lewis
Marketing Manager, Paragon Software Group


“Tom has a great vision for the company and he executes and delivers. I also experience great open communication with Tom. Tom always welcomes suggestions and opinions that can help the company achieve its goal. From Tom, I learned how to manage my team better and methods to help the company reach its goal.”

— Jimmy Lin
Product Manager, FarStone Technology

“Tom completely redesigned the focus of Farstone Technology, turning the red ink into solid black in a little over two years. His expertise provided our team with the tools needed to penetrate a difficult market. He was a great VP, and we are very sorry to see him go.”

Suzanne Gehret – We’re Hiring!


“Tom came into a very tough situation here at FarStone and turned it around for us. Our last audit showed record revenues and profit not seen in many years due to Tom’s leadership and vision. He is a very capable leader and builds a solid team in a very short period of time. I am sorry he has decided to leave us and wish him well in his new venture.”

Thomas Lin
Owner, Farstone Technology, Inc.


“Tom was a great mentor to me helping develop and close strategic business. He had great command of both a domestic and international sales team at a rapidly changing tech firm.”

— Tim Hayes
Manager, New Business, Subscriber Computing, Inc.,


“Like the term ‘players coach’, Tom is a salesperson’s sales manager/leader. His ability to think outside-the-box is second to none. Tom is a motivator using positive incentives and reinforcement that is refreshing in a world that typically motivates via fear. He builds winners and teams that all strive for the same goal of winning and success. Tom’s best cliche is, “Never confuse activity with accomplishment.” Since what matters in sales is black and white, RESULTS, Tom avoids subjectivity or petty distractions and makes it happen. Fedro gets it done by building and leading top professionals who appreciate his smarts and integrity.”

— David Zinke
Sales Manager, Coral Systems, Inc.


“When Tom joined FarStone he immediately brought an energy to the company that it never had previously. His leadership and vision were the key factors in the company’s improved sales and marketing efforts. I enjoyed working with Tom and would highly recommend him.”

Dave Moser
e-Commerce and Web Marketing Manager, FarStone Technology