Creating Predictable Revenue Streams


Tom Fedro

Managing Director

Tom has led the strategy and development of SecurUs360 since its inception.

Results oriented with an ability to quickly assemble cohesive teams, Tom efficiently accomplishes company goals in new and difficult markets both domestically and internationally.  He is a resourceful business professional who has developed a core set of tools and processes that have repeatedly grown shareholder value in diverse software markets including:

  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Network Fraud Detection and Billing
  • Financial Services
  • Internet eCommerce and Exchange
  • Turnkey Software Republishing

His background includes recruiting, hiring and running the sales and marketing team of the fastest growing public technology company in Orange County, California with over 650 people and $150M in sales. He has taken one company through the Initial Public Offering process and has been an officer / key contributor in 6 mergers and acquisitions that represent over $700M in value changing hands. As an entrepreneur, he conceived the idea, wrote the business plan, with a partner raised $4M and successfully launched a company focused on cash based, online purchases that was subsequently acquired by a larger pre-paid systems provider.


Tom is an expert at building teams to penetrate new and difficult markets with complex, high value, technology solutions.


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SecurUs360 calls on a Network of Top Principals in Orange County, California.

SecurUs360 has access to over 280 sales, marketing, software development, public relations and engineering professionals in southern California. Because of our unique access to local talent within the business community we can develop innovative offerings for our clients that other firms simply cannot match.