Creating Predictable Revenue Streams

About Us

A Business Development Company

Securus360 is dedicated to achieving breakthrough business results for high technology firms looking for new and predictable revenue streams. Securus360 offers a comprehensive line of sales, marketing and business development services that provide our clients with a strategic advantage. We never confuse activity with accomplishment; we design programs that deliver measurable results in a short period of time. Securus360 engagements have included venture capital backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies representing multiple industries and product categories, including:


§          Data backup and Disaster Recovery across all Verticals


§          Software Republishing – Turnkey Sales, Marketing & Technical Support


§          Wireless Communications – Fraud Detection and Billing


§          Financial Services – Mortgage Lending and Settlement


§          Internet eCommerce and Exchange; Stored Value Platforms


Our passion is working with clients to build the necessary infrastructure to open new, difficult markets with complex, high value technology solutions leading to predictable revenue streams.

A Brief History

Since 1984, Securus360 principals and partners have been recruiting, training and deploying sales and marketing teams as well as the processes and programs necessary for breakthrough success at a host of high technology companies. Our experience covers a wide spectrum of firms in both size and industry, we have played key roles in building the sales and marketing infrastructures for large Fortune 300 businesses as well as small, venture backed entrepreneurial enterprises. Each engagement is unique and demands a variety of skills that, when packaged appropriately, lead to measurable success in short periods of time.


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